4 Simple Steps to Get Into Pickleball Shape

Having strength, endurance, and agility is crucial for reigning victorious on the pickleball court. If you’ve been away from pickleball for a while and want to get back into gameready shape, follow these key steps to help make it easier and safe.

1. Start slowly: It is essential to slowly start incorporating exercise back into your routine if your activity has been low. Even if you’ve remained fairly active, you need to build back up to pickleball-level intensity. Begin with light exercises and gradually increase your activity level. This can help prevent injuries and improve your overall fitness.

2. Always stretch: Stretching is a must before starting any exercise. Stretching helps to warm up your muscles and increase your flexibility. Quick movements and sudden changes of direction are required for play, and stretching can reduce your risk of muscle strains and other injuries.

3. Don’t count out cardio: Cardio exercises are needed to build stamina. Walking at a fast clip, jogging, or cycling are all great options for cardio. It’s important to recondition your cardiovascular system to improve your endurance as well as your agility.

4. Retrain your strength: Strength training helps to build muscle to minimize the risk of injuring your joints or back. Push-ups, lunges, and squats are some of the best exercises for strength training. With these exercises, you can play with less strain and improve your balance.

By following the tips we’ve outlined above and slowly incorporating them into your daily routine, you can get back on the court and enjoy pickleball to the fullest.

It is very important to refrain from playing pickleball or doing any intense exercise while injured. If you get injured while training or in a match, see a doctor who can help you recover and get back on the court quickly. Visit our provider guide by clicking here to find the right doctor for you.