Take a Whack at Indoor Pickleball

For seasoned pickleball players, battling the elements can add to the thrill of the game. But when the elements put up a bigger fight, indoor pickleball is a great alternative. Here are four major changes to keep in mind when switching from outdoor to indoor pickleball.

  1. The ball won’t act the same indoors. Due to the different shape and weight of the special indoor pickleball, the ball can bounce higher and move faster. You will need to adjust your aim and velocity accordingly.
  2. Games go at a faster pace. With no wind, a smaller court, and the ball moving faster, the whole game will move faster too. Be sure to stay light on your feet, keep your eye on the ball, and embrace the challenge.
  3. The court is different. With the hard court surface indoors, you may need to use different footwear with better grip to avoid slips. Indoor courts are also often multipurpose, so you may need to ignore lines that don’t correspond to the boundaries in a pickleball game. Additionally, the ceiling in some indoor courts can limit the amount of clearance above the net, which can affect where your shot goes.
  4. Be prepared to share the space. Indoor pickleball facilities can get more crowded than outdoor court areas, so be prepared to share space with other players. To avoid collisions or other safety concerns, be courteous and conscious of others.

Keep these factors in mind as you make your transition from outdoor to indoor pickleball. Indoor pickleball can be a great way to get your pickleball fix, whether you’re trying to beat the heat or avoid other inclement conditions.

This change can be a big adjustment, which opens up the risk for injuries, especially if you’re an intense pickleball player. In the event of an injury, we want to help you get back to doing what you love quickly and safely. Click here now to find the right doctor near you.